Medical marijuana is legal in many states in the US.  But how much marijuana and the kind of marijuana plants that Marijuana growing school1one can have in their possession at a given time varies from state to state.  In some of these states, it is possible for patients to grow their own marijuana at home.  They can cultivate a certain number of plants for their own personal use.  The conditions which have been approved for marijuana treatment also varies.  Some of these conditions include HIV/AIDS, chronic pain, cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma, severe nausea, seizures and so on.  So if you have a debilitating medical condition for which you think you will need marijuana treatment, then you can consult with your health professional and get a medical marijuana patient card made.  And, if you live in a state that allows patients to grow their own marijuana, then you can attend a marijuana growing school and learn how you can grow marijuana right at home.

Marijuana growing schoolGrowing marijuana at home is more useful than buying from a dispensary.  When you have plants at home, you will always have access to your medicine.  Secondly, growing at home is much cheaper than buying from a dispensary.  So if you are interested in growing marijuana at home, why not get enrolled in a marijuana growing school today.